Quality Is Not A Parameter; It's An Attitude

A brand known for its innovative products and superior quality we leave no stone unturned to ensure every product come out with our consistent commitment to perfection. All the manufacturing processes are seamlessly integrated to facilitate ease of operation and both online and offline testing ensures that the quality standards are of the highest order.

The following tests are conducted regularly to ensure that the products confirm to international quality standards

S.NOTest NamePurpose Of TestStandardApplication
1Flow rate TestTo determine the flow behavior of 
all the fittings.
EN 200Applicable for all the water supply fittings
2Thermal Shock testTo determine thermal resistance 
of the taps
IS 9763Applicable for ISI taps .
3Front thrust test , Dead load test , Endurance test, 
Impact test ,Discharge capacity and Discharge rate test
To determine the functional characteristics 
of Flush Cisterns
IS 7231Applicable for Flush Cisterns
4Leak tightness TestTo determine the leak resistance 
of the ball valves
--Applicable for Ball valves.