Onsite Service - Within Warranty Period :

  • When the product is within the warranty period , the customer has to provide the bill / invoice during onsite visit.
  • Service Technician during their visit to the customer place will VERIFY THE DATE OF PURCHASE.
  • Service and the required spare parts is offered Free Of Cost

Other Onsite Service :

  • The other onsite product service includes – Out of warranty period /customer mis handling /Thread breakage.
  • The required spare parts for the smooth functioning of the product should be borne entirely by the customer.
  • The spare parts can be purchased from any authorised dealer
  • The service will be provided free of cost and only spares will be charged by the dealer to the end customer.

Defective Material Servicing - For Dealers :

  • Verify the calendar pin mark.
  • When the product is within warranty period :- service and spares will be provided on FOC basis.
  • For customer Mis handling/Thread breakage and products whose warranty period has been expired, spares will be charged to the dealer and service will be done free of cost.